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Bring the excitement and adventure of a bike park right to your destination experience or business!

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"We dropped the helmet off of a six story building!"
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Modular Pumptrack USA supplies customizable pump tracks ideal for places where people go to experience the fun of action sports.

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The top choice for Modular Pump Tracks: Here's Why


Easy Assembly

Our tracks are built with few, easy to attach pieces. Only very basic tools and skills are needed.


Built to Last

Our tracks are durable against the sun, the weather and the abuse that comes with action sports activities.


It's great excercise

Some of the most fun activities are the best workout too! How many laps can you ride without a break?

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Everyone loves our tracks!

"Choosing Modular Pumptrack USA was a game-changer for our project. We were torn between quotes until their exceptional attention to detail and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction won us over. Not only did they provide competitive pricing, but the service surpassed anything we could've imagined. Now, our park boasts a stunning centerpiece loved by visitors. Thank you, Modular Pumptrack USA, for bringing our vision to life in the most spectacular way possible!"

Bill Hines - Monterrey, California

"Our school campus has never been more alive with excitement since the new pump track was installed! The kids are absolutely thrilled, spending hours honing their skills and having a blast. It's fantastic to see them so engaged and active, and the pump track has quickly become the favorite spot during PE classes. Thank you for bringing so much joy and energy to our students!"

Anya Bruhin - Bentonville, Arkansas

"Installing the pump track was incredibly straightforward, thanks to the detailed guide provided. With just a handful of volunteers, we had everything set up in no time. The clear instructions made the assembly process smooth and stress-free. It's amazing to see how quickly we transformed our space into an exciting play area for the kids. Highly recommend this to any school or community looking for a fun, easy-to-install addition!"

Cody Shepard - Provo, Utah

"Our recent community event was a massive success, and the new pump track was a memorable highlight! Families and kids were drawn to it from the moment they arrived, and the fun didn't stop even past our scheduled closing time. It was heartwarming to see everyone enjoying themselves and coming together. We can't wait for more events to create more riding opportunities – and we look forward to having the pump track back in our community!"

Anya McCann - Sacramento, California

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Modular Pump Tracks

Tons of Fun!

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Common Questions

How long does it take to setup and install?

Setting up and installing our micro or core pump tracks is a breeze with our modular design! No specialized skills needed. With a crew of four, expect your track to be ready in just 1 to 6 hours. That means you'll be riding in no time! Say goodbye to lengthy installations and hello to hassle-free fun!

How does your pump track hold up in extreme cold or freezing temperatures?

Our pump track is designed to endure harsh weather, from freezing cold to scorching heat. Rigorously tested in extreme conditions, it guarantees durability and endless fun year-round. So, whether it's winter or summer, trust our track to keep the good times rolling, whatever the weather!

What surface do you recommend for the installation site?

Choose your surface with ease! Our modular pump track adapts effortlessly to grass, cement, brick, crushed pebble, or small gravel. With a grade of less than 1-2%, you're all set. Thanks to built-in footings, the track sits one inch off the ground for optimal drainage and stability. Enjoy the ultimate riding experience, anywhere you install it!

What is the order lead time?

Our goal is to get your pump track to you as quickly as possible so you can start enjoying the thrill of riding right away! Typically, our delivery time is under 60 days, barring any holidays or extreme road conditions during the winter months. We understand the excitement of anticipating your new pump track, and we work diligently to ensure timely delivery.

Do you offer a service to install the pump track if desired?

Absolutely! We offer a white glove installation service for customers seeking a hassle-free experience. Whether due to time constraints, lack of tools, or simply preference, our experts are ready to handle the setup. Your satisfaction and enjoyment are our priorities. Just reach out to inquire about our installation service, and we'll take care of the rest!

If your question isn't answered here, feel free to reach out to us via email at!

Download Our Catalog

We'll email you a PDF of our full product line and keep you up to date on new product developments.

We do not sell your information.