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The High Utilization of Pump Tracks in Public Parks: Insights from a Comprehensive Study


Public parks are essential hubs for community activities, offering spaces for recreation, relaxation, and social interaction. Recently, modular pump tracks have emerged as a popular addition to these parks, attracting a wide range of users. A detailed study examined the utilization of a public modular pump track, employing three data collection methods: automated user counts, on-site observations, and an online user survey. The findings provide valuable insights into how these tracks are used and their impact on community engagement.

Study Overview

The study’s comprehensive approach to data collection included:

Automated Measurement: Tracking the number of users passing a specific point on the pump track.

Observer Placement: On-site observers recording user behavior and demographics.

Online User Survey: Gathering direct feedback from the pump track’s users.

Key Findings

1. Daily Usage and Popularity

The pump track saw consistent use every day during the study period, with an impressive average of 3,123 laps completed daily. This high level of activity underscores the pump track’s popularity and its integration into the daily routines of park visitors.

2. Diverse Equipment Utilization

The usage of the pump track was diverse in terms of the equipment used:

Scooters: 40%

Bicycles: 33%

Skateboards: 27%

A remarkable 88% of users appreciated the versatility of the pump track, which accommodates various types of roller sports equipment. This flexibility makes the pump track an inclusive facility, appealing to a broad audience.

3. Extended Use Periods

Most visitors engaged with the pump track for extended periods, with the majority using it for at least one to one and a half hours. This prolonged engagement indicates that the pump track provides a fulfilling and engaging experience, encouraging users to spend more time being active.

4. Visitor Demographics and Engagement Levels

The study categorized visitors into three engagement levels:

Active Riders: 37%

Taking a Break: 37%

Spectators: 26%

The user demographics revealed a diverse group of participants:

Children (13 or under): 60%

Teenagers: 14%

Adults: 26%

Despite the high engagement levels, the study noted a gender disparity, with only 19% of active users being female. This highlights an area for potential growth in encouraging more female participation.

5. Safety and Accessibility

The pump track's design, featuring low-to-the-ground riding surfaces and features, makes it a safe option for roller sports. This safety aspect is particularly important for younger users and beginners, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the track with minimal risk.

Comparison with Other Studies

The diversity and high usage observed align with trends seen in new pump tracks across United States. This consistency suggests that modular pump tracks can universally enhance public parks, providing similar benefits in various locations.


The study conclusively shows that modular pump tracks are a highly valued addition to public parks. They attract a diverse user base, encourage prolonged physical activity, and are safe and inclusive. The findings support the notion that pump tracks cater to the exercise needs of various generations, making them an excellent investment for community health and engagement.

Considering adding a modular pump track to your local park? The benefits are clear: increased visitor engagement, diverse user participation, and a boost to community health. For more information on how to implement a pump track in your area, contact us today!

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